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Coffee bagging

Coffee bagging

Pfm packaging machinery for Coffee

Four PFM bagging machines are being installed this summer in the UK specialist coffee roasting industry. One user is taking two PFM Zenith machines, small footprint units capable of up to 60 valved pillow or block bottom bags a minute, while another is installing two PFM Vetta II machines each able to provide over 20 different bag styles.

At both sites one machine is integrated with an auger for ground coffee and the other with a multihead weigher for beans.

PFM Zenith

Aimed at the smaller, or start-up business as well as manufacturers automating for the first time, the PFM Zenith bagging machine is designed to host weighing and filling equipment with no need for a gantry. The result is a compact unit with bagging and weighing controls integrated within a single user-friendly control system.

For the coffee industry the machine is also equipped with a valve applicator and gas flush system including flowmeter and alarm and is supplied in the EW – extra wide – specification allowing a wide range of bags up to 1kg to be produced

Block bottom and pillow packs can be made and the machine is supplied ready for an in-field upgrade to produce the PFM Steelo four-corner seal stand-up display bag.

Although the ZCI has been developed to meet the need for an inexpensive system it nevertheless offers a high degree of flexibility and accuracy and is simple to use. The absence of a gantry reduces cost and machine footprint compared with a conventional system while the compact nature of the unit also allows elevators and other support equipment to be downsized for further savings in capital and running cost.

In addition, within the software of the weigher is a new routine that cuts the time needed to replenish each weigh hopper with product, allowing the contents of more hoppers to be combined for a more accurate dose at higher speeds.

The Vetta II

The PFM Vetta II bagging machine is able to meet demands for pack versatility and variety by providing over 20 different bag styles from a single machine in addition to traditional pillow packs. Speed is up to 80 a minute dependent upon pack style and product.

These include block bottom stand-up pouches, PFM’s Steelo four corner seal stand-up bags, Amcor’s Flexcan pouch design and also reclosable bags, using adhesive, zipper profile or a hook to loop closure system. MAP facilities can also be fitted for extended shelf life.

Accraply or Goglio valve applicators can be employed and the inclusion of a rotating crimper assembly enables future production of Doy style pouches and Doy style pouches with reclosure systems such as zipper mini hook and loop or tape.

To maintain versatility, the Vetta II has been specifically designed to allow easy changeover between bag styles, many of which involve a series of folds that make set up difficult on conventional machinery. However, the way in which the Vetta II operates allows accurate changeover by the operator, rather than engineers, in less than 30 minutes.

The machine meets food industry hygiene requirements, with elimination of flat surfaces and dirt traps, easy access for cleaning and stainless steel construction.