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The R-evolutionary solution to weigh and package dry fruits

The R-evolutionary solution to weigh and package dry fruits

The solution

This revolutionary intermittent VFFS packaging machine, especially if paired with a 10 or 14 multihead weigher C2 DMA, meets all the requirements needed:

  • Increased productivity. The R-Series requires less time for reel change, while no adjustments are needed to centre the reel on the shaft, no film centring-forming tube adjustments during changeover or production are needed either. The R-series performs the perfect sealing with the constant tension of the film, has an automatic timing system and a predictive maintenance system.
    The output is up to 130 packs per minute for 50 g bags, reaching the incredible goal of up to 130 packs per minute x 2 = 260 packs per minute in the TWIN version. Thus, the productivity and operational safety are ski-high.
    The TWIN configuration allows double production using one MBP multihead weigher: 50% of the production is always guaranteed. If the potential is not exploited to its maximum, it is possible to increase line production so as to compensate for a stopped line.
  • Reduction of operating space. The compactness of the R-Series, the reel holder shaft turned to 90°, the possibility to double productivity using the TWIN version dramatically reduce the operating spaces. Furthermore, the Steelo-Bag sealing does not change the height of the forming tube. Accurate design and innovative technologies allow for the machine to occupy extremely small spaces while guaranteeing unprecedented performance for intermittent packaging machines.
  • Remote assistance: the weighing and packaging line is connected to MBP Cloud which permits real time access to machine data from MBP’s dedicated technicians, leading to a dramatic drop in technical intervention costs, to the possibility to carry out remote training sessions and to the scheduling of interventions. All you need is the R-Series Communicator App, which runs on every smartphone, PC and tablet and is available free of charge on the App Store.
  • Easy to use. It is possible to operate both the weigher and the packaging machine using one PC. It’s therefore necessary to use and Industrial PC to face modern requirements that call for large data exchange between production units and the control and supervision systems. It’s very easy to obtain information necessary to optimal work organization with the screen saver with end-of-reel calculation and countdown. The R-Series machine automatically calculates the reel diameter, the remaining runtime of the machine and the exact time when the machine will automatically stop because the film has finished. MBP has completely embraced the Industry 4.0 philosophy.


The weighing and packaging line, formed by a 10 or 14 multihead weigher C2 DMA and an intermittent VFFS packaging machine R-Series, is exactly what the well known fruit company needs for packaging mixed dry fruits products, while managing to reduce operating space and increase drastically the productivity.

The R-series