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Weigh and pack salad to perfection

Weigh and pack salad to perfection

MBP has developed a weighing and packaging line for fourth-range salads, with the multi-head weigher C2 DMA and the last generation vertical packaging machine R700 

A well-known Italian company, that is especially sensitive about the protection of the D.O.P. certified products present in the territory, and a producer of fruit and vegetables, asked MBP to design a line to weigh and pack salads in 150-200 g bags, with an output of 50 packs per minute.

On the back of its experience with fourth-range products, MBP responded by offering a solution that is the result of the company’s expertise and innovative spirit. The line consisted of: 

  • A multi-head weigher model MBP 10C2 DMA Extra Wide specific for salads and leaf vegetables;
  • One vertical packaging machine model R700 from the new range of revolutionary VFFS machines!

The weigher, which consists of 10 weighing buckets in addition to 10 memory buckets, is complemented by the unique DMA (Direct Memory Access) system. The memory buckets, positioned in direct line with the weighing ones, receive the product and identify the best discharging combination by means of a combinatorial calculus algorithm. The result is top weighing accuracy at high speeds.
The structure of the weigher is made entirely of AISI 304 and has a tubular frame; the IP-66 rating guarantees total protection against the infiltration of dust and liquids, yet allows fully washing the multi-head weigher.

For the Fourth Range only

The company guaranteed ad-hoc finishing of the parts in contact with the product and buckets that can handle the fourth-range products, by making them flow over chutes and buckets. The Extra Wide pre-dosing buckets can handle any type of leaf vegetables, even large ones; the power of the vibrating bases has been increased to allow the channels to oscillate more.

The benefits offered by the vertical packaging machine model R700:

The R-Series VFFS packaging machines are the latest addition to the range offered by MBP: they are the result of a painstaking Research and Development activity that, over the past three years, has focused on a specific project, which represents the quantum leap in the world of flexible vertical packaging.
MBP offered the client the R700: this is an intermittent VFFS packaging machine that receives the product from the weigher and, in this particular case, produces 50 150 g pillow-bags per minute.

In short, we can say that the client embraced the R project for the benefits it offered in terms of productivity, compared to a traditional vertical packaging machine, all of which ascribable to the advantages offered by the exclusive MBP’s software:

  • Less time required for reel change and no adjustments needed to centre the reel on the shaft.
  • No film centring-forming tube adjustments during changeover or production.
  • No film stretch and/or wear and tear of the forming collar and belts.
  • High productivity: up to 80 packs per minutes for 300 g bags.
  • Perfect sanitation (The full article on the R- series can be found on page…)